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New Dilution Technique for BOD Estimation in Brackish and Sea WatersLoganathan, B; Ramadhas, V; Venugopalan, V KIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]156-159
Some observations on Populations of Littorina scabra (Linne, 1758)Maruthamuthu, S; Thivakaran, G A; Sriraman, K; Kasinathan, RIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]160-162
Distribution of Photosynthetic Pigments and Particulate Organic Carbon in Coastal Waters of Northwestern Bay of BengalSasamal, S K; Panigrahy, R C; Sahu, B KIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]167-168
Effect of Phosphamidon on Tissue Aminotransferase Activities in Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius)Vijayalakshmi, P; Rao, K V RamanaIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]165-166
Meiofauna of Netravathi-Gurpur Estuary (Mangalore), West Coast of IndiaReddy, H R Venkataswamy; Hariharan, VIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]163-164
Surface Wind Stress Curl over Arabian Sea during January and July 1983Lakshmana, G R; Naidu, V SIJMS Vol.14(3) [September 1985]169-170
Maturation and Spawning of the Silverbelly, Secutor insidiator (Bloch) in the Porto Novo CoastJayabalan, N; Ramamoorthi, KIJMS Vol.14(2) [June 1985]105-109
Age, Growth and Length-Weight Relationships in Estuarine Periwinkle Littorina scabra (Linne)Maruthamuthu, S; Kasinathan, RIJMS Vol.14(2) [June 1985]102-104
Ecology of Chaetognaths in the Hooghly Estuary, Bay of BengalSarkar, S K; Singh, B N; Choudhury, AIJMS Vol.14(2) [June 1985]98-101
Urea as Nitrogen Source for Phytoplankton Production in Coastal Waters of GoaVerlencar, X NIJMS Vol.14(2) [June 1985]93-97