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Studies on a phycocolloid from red alga Halymenia venusta BoergesenParekh, R G; Doshi, Y A; Rao, A V; Chauhan, V DIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]274-276
Lipid content of some Indian seaweedsParekh, R G; Chauhan, V DIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]272-273
Biochemical Composition of Some Benthic Marine Algae of the Vestfold Hills, AntarcticaDhargalkar, V K; Reddy, C R K; Deshmukhe, G V; Untawale, A GIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]269-271
Significance of tissue aminotransferases in brachyuran species of diverse habitatsRao, K V Ramana; Dayakar, YIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]267-268
Effect of mercury exposure on enzymes in the clam Katelysia opima (Gmelin)Kulkarni, B G; Kulkarni, R GIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]265-266
Acute toxicity of selected heavy metals to green mussel Perna viridis (L)Krishnakumar, P K; Damodaran, R; Nambisan, P N KIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]263-264
Ferro-manganese encrustation on the tympanic bulla of a minke whale from Central Indian Ocean BasinBanakar, V KIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]261-262
Distribution of algae, seagrasses and coral communities from Lakshadweep Islands, eastern Arabian SeaJagtap, T GIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]256-260
Evaluation of different feeds for optimal growth and survival of parthenogenetic brine shrimp, ArtemiaVuayaraghavan, Sumitra; Krishnakumari, L; Royan, J PIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]253-255
Cyst quality and hatching in parthenogenetic brine shrimp, ArtemiaRoyan, J P; Vijayaraghavan, Sumitra; Krishnakumari, L; Ramaiah, NIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]249-252
Biology of the Indian white prawn, Penaeus indicus H.M. Edwards from Kakinada, east coast of IndiaDevi, S LalithaIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]246-248
Effect of salinity on the development of larvae and juvenile instars of Neoepisesarma (Neoepisesarma) mederi (H. Milne Edwards)Selvakumar, S; Ajmalkhan, S; Natarajan, RIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]243-245
Dissolved and particulate lipids in the Arabian Sea off Bombay CoastNandakumar, K; Bhosle, N B; Wagh, A BIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]240-242
Trace element geochemistry of modern deltaic sediments of the Cauvery River, east coast of IndiaSeralathan, PIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]235-239
Some geological processes in the macro-tidal regime of Gulf of Kachchh, northwest coast of IndiaVora, K H; Chauhan, O S; Rao, B RIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]230-234
Interpretation of aerial photographs of Ratnagiri Bay - A case studyWagle, B GIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]227-229
Water and salt budget in the Azikode Estuary during postmonsoon seasonRevichandran, C; Shyam, K R; Varma, P Udaya; Pylee, AbrahamIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]223-226
Variation of physico-chemical characteristics with tide in Visakhapatnam Harbour waters, east coast of IndiaRaju, V S Rama; Sarma, V V; Rao, T V Narasimha; Kumar, R VijayaIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]218-222
Hydrographic characteristics of central Bay of Bengal waters during southwest monsoon of 1983Somayajulu, Y K; Murty, T V Ramana; Kumar, S Prasanna; Sastry, J SIJMS Vol.16(4) [December 1987]207-217
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19