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Title: Short period fluctuations in the equatorial electrojet electric fields
Authors: Manju, G
Viswanathan, K S
Keywords: Equatorial electrojet;Short period fluctuations;Type I irregularities;Type II irregularities;Coherent radar
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: A study is made on the short period fluctuations in the equatorial electrojet parameters at the magnetic equatorial location of Trivandrum (8.5 ºN, 77 ºE; dip 0.5 ºN), during daytime for a number of magnetically quiet days, using coherent VHF backscatter radar observations in the altitude region of 90-115 km. For this study ΔH values at and off equatorial lati-tudes have also been used. The detailed analysis of radar and magnetometer data show the following: (a) Significant fluctua-tion amplitudes in the period range of 25-35 min are present in the radar observations at different range bins over and above the dominant diurnal pattern of the height invariant large scale E-W electric field (Ey). The same periods do manifest when the radar data products are divided into sub-intervals of 1-1.5 h. (b) Values of H also indicate the same periods as that of ra-dar observations. (c) A decrease in the amplitudes of the fluctuating components in H is seen from equator to low latitudes. The implications of the observations in terms of the possible origin of the fluctuations are discussed.
Page(s): 90-97
ISSN: 0367-8393
Appears in Collections:IJRSP Vol.35(2) [April 2006]

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