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Immobilization of yeast invertase by gel entrapmentMeena, K; Raja, T KIJBT Vol.3(4) [October 2004]606-608
Stable degradation of catechol by Pseudomonas sp. strain NGK1 encapsulated in alginate and polyurethane foamPatil, Neelakanteshwar K; Sharanagouda, U; Niazi, Javed H; Karegoudar, T BIJBT Vol.3(4) [October 2004]568-572
Immobilization of tannase from Rhizopus oryzae and its efficiency to produce gallic acid from tannin rich agro-residuesHota, Swetansu K; Dutta, Jayati Ray; Banerjee, RintuIJBT Vol.6(2) [April 2007]200-204
Entrapped cyanobacteria: Implications for biotechnologySyiem, Mayashree BIJBT Vol.4(2) [April 2005]209-215
Covalent immobilization of lipase onto onion membrane affixed on plastic surface : Kinetic properties and application in milk fat hydrolysisVikas; Kumar, R; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.6(4) [October 2007]479-484
Immobilization of Pleurotus ostreatus 1804 on PUF cubes: Influence of mycelial growth pattern on laccase yieldPrasad, K Krishna; Mohan, S Venkata; Pati, B R; Sarma, P NIJBT Vol.5(1) [January 2006]84-88
Production of fibrolytic enzymes in repeat-batch culture using immobilized zoospores of anaerobic rumen fungiSridhar, Manpal; Kumar, DeepakIJBT Vol.9(1) [January 2010]87-95
Immobilization of amylase onto arylamine glass beads affixed inside a plastic beaker: Kinetic properties and applicationRani, Pinki; Sharma, Minakshi; Kumar, Vijay; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.6(2) [April 2007]230-233
Quantification of urinary oxalate by immobilized oxalate oxidase of forage sorghum leafKalra, Vijay; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.3(1) [January 2004]52-57
Properties of hydrogel-entrapped lipase of thermophilic Pseudomonas aeruginosa BTS-2Kanwar, S S; Gupta, M; Gupta, R; Kaushal, R K; Chimni, S SIJBT Vol.5(3) [July 2006]292-297