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Techniques to analyze microbial diversity during composting—A mini reviewBhatia, Akansha; Rajpal, Ankur; Madan, Sangeeta; Kazmi, A AIJBT Vol.14(1) [January 2015]19-25
Development of polymerase chain reaction for detection of predominant streptococcal isolates causing subclinical bovine mastitisPrabhu, K Nithin; Isloor, S; Hegde, Raveendra; Rathnamma, D; Veeregowda, B MIJBT Vol.12(2) [April 2013]208-212
Genotyping by icaA gene based PCR of Staphylococcus strains isolated from bovine mastitis cases Kuler, Rajiv N; Isloor, S; Suryanarayana, V V S; Veeregowda, B M; Shridhar, N B; Chandrashekhar, N; Sharada, RIJBT Vol.12(4) [October 2013]541-543
PCR based detection of cry genes in indigenous strains of Bacillus thuringiensis isolated from the soils of RajasthanJain, Devendra; Kachhwaha, Sumita; Jain, Rohit; Kothari, S LIJBT Vol.11(4) [October 2012]491-494
Detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in the pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in southern India using PCR, SEM and histological techniques Haq, M A Badhul; Durgadevi, K; Banu, M Nirosh; Ahamad, A Sajith; Tiwary, Chandan; Srinivasan, MIJBT Vol.14(3) [July 2015]369-375
A simple method for extraction of high molecular weight genomic DNA from buccal cells in mouthwashKoppikar, Priya; Mulherkar, RitaIJBT Vol.5(4) [October 2006]477-481
Molecular characterization of Pestalotiopsis spp. associated with tea (Camellia sinensis) in southern India using RAPD and ISSR markersJoshi, Sarvottam D; Sanjay, R; Baby, U I; Mandal, A K AIJBT Vol.8(4) [October 2009]377-383
Evaluation of genetic diversity among Jatropha curcas (L.) by RAPD analysisSubramanyam, K; Rao, Dowlathabad Muralidhara; Devanna, N; Aravinda, A; Pandurangadu, VIJBT Vol.9(3) [July 2010]283-288
Detection of transgenes in genetically modified soybean and maize using polymerase chain reactionRandhawa, Gurinder Jit; Firke, P KIJBT Vol.5(4) [October 2006]510-513
A simplified high yielding miniprep genomic DNA extraction protocol for three chemotypically different plant speciesAdhikari, S; Chattopadhyay, S K; Ghosh, P DIJBT Vol.11(3) [July 2012]337-340