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Title: On the Mode Theory of Parallel Plane Waveguide Containing Transversely Magnetized Uniaxial Moving Plasma
Authors: Jain, P. K.
Gupta, P. N.
Singh, Dinesh
Tolpadi, S. K.
Issue Date: Sep-1974
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: This paper gives an account of the theoretical study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves through a parallel plane waveguide containing moving plasma in the presence of strong transverse static magnetic field. The plasma inside the waveguide is considered to be homogeneous, lossless, and temperate and is supposed to be moving with respect to the guide walls with a constant velocity of any magnitude less than the velocity of light in vacuum. It is found that normal propagating modes can be classified into TE, TM and TEM waves with respect to the direction of propagation. The propagation characteristics corresponding to TE modes are shown to be independent of the velocity of plasma whereas those corresponding to TM and the TEM modes are found to be modified due to the relative motion of plasma with respect to waveguide. Relations are derived for characteristic wave impedance and power transfer down the guide corresponding to different types of modes.
Page(s): 216-220
ISSN: 0975-105X (Online); 0367-8393 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJRSP Vol.03(3) [September 1974]

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