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Distribution of particulate organic matter in Rajapur and Vagothan estuaries (west coast of India)Tulaskar, A S; Sawant, S S; Wagh, A BIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]290-291
Growth of fish Lethrinus-nebulosus from the Arabian Gulf waters off Dammam (Saudi Arabia)Ezzat, A A; El-Sayed, A M; Al-Dossary, N A MIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]284-286
Effect of eyestalk ablation on moulting and growth in prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiChakravarty, M SIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]287-289
Effect of kinetin on metabolic activities in marine alga Gelidiella acerosa (Rhodophyta)Datta, B K; Mody, K H; Mehta, B J; Chauhan, V DIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]281-283
Pollution assessment through trace metal analysis of sediments of four tributary rivers of Pakistan draining into the Arabian SeaAshraf, M; Tariq, Jaleel; Jaffar, MIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]292-295
The design and performance characteristics of a 40 kHz mini pinger transducer for marine applicationsSaksena, T K; Jain, S K; Gupta, ReetaIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]303-305
Distribution of planktonic Foraminifera in waters of the submarine coral banks in southeast Arabian Sea during winterRao, K Kameswara; Jayalakshmy, K V; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]233-245
Distribution and paleoecologic efficacy of microforaminiferal organic linings from deep sea Quaternary sediments off Vishakhapatnam coastPhadtare, N R; Thakur, BIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]246-250
Benthic fauna around Mauritius island, southwest Indian OceanIngole, B S; Ansari, Z A; Parulekar, A HIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]268-273
Observed deep water wave characteristics off the Indian coastsSwain, J; Ananth, P NIJMS Vol.21(4) [December 1992]251-256