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Dependence of Whistler Activity on Geomagnetic LatitudeRao, Manoranjan; Lalmani; Somayajulu, V. V.; Tantry, B. A. P.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]192-194
Ground Riser Whistlers at Low LatitudesSingh, Birbal; Misra, S. N.; Tantry, B. A. P.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]188-191
Study of OH Bands at Mt Abu, IndiaRao, V. Ramachandra; Kulkarni, P. V.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]181-187
Role of Molecular Nitrogen Column Density in Controlling the Intensity of Spectral Emission in Day-glow due to Photoelectronic ImpactSingh, Raghubir; Sharma, V. N.; Tolpadi, S. K.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]178-180
Electron Temperature Measurements from Cosmic Noise StudiesSarma, S. B. S. S.; Sharma, M. C.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]175-177
Some Studies on Solar Optical Flares Reported under New ClassificationMitra, R. K.; Sarkar, S. K.; Gupta, M. K. DasIJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]170-174
Cyclotron Amplification of Pc I Waves in the MagnetosphereSingh, S. N.; Prasad, R. Y.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]165-169
Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Two-component MagnetoplasmaNath, Omkar; Prasad, R. Y.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]162-164
Lunar Effects in Ionospheric Absorption at KokubunjiChakravarty, S. C.; Rastogi, R. G.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]158-161
Study of the Behaviour of the Topside Ionosphere during Sunrise from Alouette-I & Alouette-II Satellite DataLakshmi, D. R.; Reddy, B. M.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]154-157
Thermal Structure of the Equatorial Topside IonosphereRao, B. C. Narasinga; Singh, RisalIJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]151-153
Escape Altitude of Ionospheric Photoelectrons in the Low Latitude RegionBhatia, R. C.; Somayajulu, Y.V.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]148-150
Studies on Correlation between Sporadic E & Sunspot NumberRao, S. P. Manohar; Rao, B. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]145-147
Formation & Movement of Sporadic EPradhan, S. M.; Singh, B.; Srivastava, S. K.; Tantry, B. A. P.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]141-144
Variation of F2-Region Electron Temperature with Solar Activity as Deduced from Collision Frequency MeasurementsReddy, B. M.; Lakshmi, D. R.; Ramanadham, R.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]138-140
Variation of Apparent Ionospheric Height with Frequency & Observed Multiple ReflectionsVijayvergia, S. K.; Rai, R. K.IJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]136-137
Ground-based Measurements of Ionospheric Phenomena Associated with the Equatorial ElectrojetRastogi, R. G.; Chandra, H.; Sharma, R. P.; Rajaram, GirijaIJRSP Vol.01(2) [June 1972]119-135
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17