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Solar Cycle Dependence of Drift & Anisotropy of E- & F-Region Irregularities at WaltairSastri, J. Hanumath; Rao, B. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]95-97
Regularities in the Behaviour of Some Anomalies in F2-RegionChaudhary, Chandrashekhar PrasadIJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]110-113
Bipolar Logarithmic Amplifier for the Measurement of Point Discharge Currents & Potential Gradients in AtmosphereRao, A Madhusudhana; Patnaik, J. K.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]105-106
Extension of the 'Two-Colour Method' to Evaluate the Band Intensities in the Night AirglowKulkarni, P. V.; Rao, V. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]114-118
Phase Variations of NPG 18.6 kHz vlf Signal as Received at Naini TalMahra, H. S.; Gupta, S. K.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]101-104
Determination of Height of Es Patches from Regular Satellite. Scintillation PatternsDutta, H. N.; Manchanda, T. C.; Lal, J. B.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]98-100
Amplitude Distributions of Vertically Reflected Radio Waves at WaltairMurthy, B. S. N.; Rao, B. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]91-94
Height of Maximum Emission of 6300 A Night Airglow & Electron Content in the F-Region at Low LatitudesRao, V. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]107-109
Night-time Changes in Field Strength of 11.8 MHz Radio Signals over Coldmbo-Ahmedabad Transmission PathChhipa, G. M.; Patel, B. M.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]148-152
Long Period Fading of hf & lf Signals during Meteorological Activities in Relation to Internal Atmospheric Gravity WavesSen, A. K.; Trehan, S. K.; Saha, B.IJRSP Vol.02(2) [June 1973]156-157