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Low-Energy Proton Bombardment of Carbon DioxideRay, K D; Bhutani, K.K.; Ghosh, S NIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]416-418
Acceleration of Charged Particles in Magnetospheric Neutral Plasma SheetKhosa, P. N.; Rausaria, R. R.; Singh, R. N.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]407-415
Effects of Magnetic & Solar Activity on HF Communication Via F2 RegionAggarwal, S.; Reddy, B. M.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]401-406
Some Observations of Ionospheric-Transferred Modulation EffectsRao, C. S. R.; Roy, J. M.; Chandra, MaheshIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]396-400
Interference Possibilities in TV Band-I due to Propagation of vhf Signals via Sporadic ESundaram, T. R.; Rao, C. S. R.; Roy, J. M.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]391-395
Unusual Magnetic Activity during 4-10 August 1972 & Some of Its Biological ConsequencesSrivastava, B. J.; Rao, D. S. BhaskaraIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]384-390
Lunar Effect on Rainfall over the Sub-ContinentRao, M. Srirama; Murty, A. GopalakrishnaIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]380-383
Role of Bremsstrahlung Cross-Section on the Generation of X-ray Photons in the Lower IonosphereRausaria, R. R.; Singhal, R. P.; Singh, R. N.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]373-379
Wave-Particle Interaction in Magnetoplasma around the Upper Hybrid ResonanceGwal, A. K.; Nath, Omkar; Mishra, S. P.; Misra, K. D.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]370-371
Redistribution of Charged Particles in the Ionosphere & Formation of Sporadic E LayerRanade, Niela; Singh, R. N.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]366-369
Anisotropy of Ionospheric Irregularities in Relation to Electrodynamic Effects Induced by Neutral Gas MotionDatta, R.N.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]363-365
The Leonid Meteor Shower Observed over Waltair during 1961-66Rao, M. Srirama; Rao, P. V. S. Rama; Lokanadham, B.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]360-362
Lunar Influence on Rainfall during January 1871-1950Rao, M. Srirama; Murty, A. GopalakrishnaIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]356-359
F-Layer Effects Caused by the Chinese Nuclear Explosion of 14 October 1970Venkatachari, R.; Saha, A. K.; Sachdeva, V. P.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]353-355
Variation of Electron Density & Collision Frequency in a Time-dependent Plasma MediumVarshney, S. K.; Ram, V.; Chandra, A.; Sarkar, D. C.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]349-352
A Study of Twin Whistlers at the Low Latitude Stations Gulmarg & NainitalSingh, Birbal; Tantry, H A PIJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]341-348
Level of Solar X-Ray Activity & Its Relation to the Occurrence of Sudden Ionospheric DisturbancesDeshpande, S. D.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]337-340
Geomagnetic Storm Effects on Ionospheric Drifts & the Equatorial Es, over the Magnetic EquatorChandra, H.; Rastogi, R. G.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]332-336
Low Latitude F-Region Anomalies & the Equatorial Electric FieldRajaram, Girija; Rastogi, R. G.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]323-331
Nitric Oxide in the Mesosphere & Lower Thermosphere under Different ConditionsChakrabarty, Purobi; Chakrabarty, D. K.IJRSP Vol.03(4) [December 1974]319-322
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20