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Mid-latitude D-Region Electron Density Profiles at Different Solar Activities Adapted to LF, MF & HF Propagation DataSinger, W.; Bremer, J.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]119-124
Use of LF & VLF Propagation Data in Studies of Electron Density Profiles at Mid-latitudesBain, W. C.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]113-118
D-Region Electron Density Profiles in Mid-latitude StationsHirao, K.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]109-112
Electron Density Profiles Deduced from Absorption MeasurementsRangaswamy, S.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]104-108
Rocket-borne Radio Measurements of D- & Lower E-RegionElectron Density Profiles at the Magnetic EquatorKane, J AIJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]99-103
Study of the Lower Ionosphere Using a Rocket-borne RiometerSomayajulu, Y. V.; Avadhanulu, M. B.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]87-98
Theoretical Models of D-Region Electron Density Profiles under Different ConditionsChakrabarty, D. K.; Mitra, A. P.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]76-86
Study of Field-Aligned Ionospheric E-Region Irregularities & Sporadic E at hfBasu, Sunanda; Vesprini, Robert L.; Aarons, JulesIJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]70-75
Spectral Characteristics of Solar Radio Bursts Associated with the Emission of Energetic Electrons from the SunBasu, S.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]66-69
Variations in Stratospheric Circulation & Ozone during Selected Periods of 1971-1972 Winter StormRandhawa, Jagir S.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]62-65
Ionospheric Scintillation Predictions for the Geostationary Satellites GOES & ATS-FPope, Joseph H.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]55-61
Gerdien Condenser Rocket Payload as a Tool for the Measurement of Ionospheric Ion DensitiesRao, M. Nallni MohanIJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]51-54
Studies on F Region Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances at WaltairMurthy, B. S. N.; Rao, B. RamachandraIJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]46-50
Association between Solar Microwave Bursts & Sudden Ionospheric DisturbancesSastri, J. Hanumath; Subrahmanyam, C. V.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]43-45
Classification of Geomagnetic Micropulsations in Relation to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field ParametersDhanju, M. S.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]41-42
Atmospheric Radio Noise Field Intensities & the Occurrence of Sporadic-E in the Southern Region of IndiaGhosh, B. B.; Saksena, R. C.; Malhotra, V. J.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]37-40
Study of Scintillation of Satellite Signals at KurukshetraDutta, H. N.; Lal, J. B.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]32-36
On the Estimation of the Electron Collision Frequency in the F-regionNath, Narinder; Setty, C. S. G. K.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]28-31
Scale-Model Technique for Radio Wave Propagation StudiesSwarup, S.; Tewari, R. K.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]21-27
Radiation from a Metallic Disc & an Array of Metallic Discs over a Circular Rod Surface WaveguideOjha, B.; Sharma, K.P.IJRSP Vol.03(1) [March 1974]17-20
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24