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Frequency of the Received Wave from a Geostationary SatelliteAgarwal, D. C.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]230-232
A New Method for Estimation of the Neutral Temperature in the Upper Atmosphere by Night Airglow MeasurementsMajmudar, Nita H.; Kulkarni, P. V.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]228-230
Nighttime Pi2 Micropulsations at KodaikanalSastri, J. Hanumath; Murthy, B. SuryanarayanaIJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]227-228
Geomagnetic Solar Flare Effect in the Dark HemisphereSastri, J. HanumathIJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]225-227
Observations of Point Discharge Current at VisakhapatnamRao, A. Madhusudhana; Patnaik, J. K.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]220-224
Some Properties of Pc 1 Pulsations at Choutuppal (Hyderabad)Sastry, T. S.; Sarma, S. V. S.; Narayan, P. V. SankerIJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]216-219
Low Energy Cosmic Ray Ions Observed in the Skylab ExperimentBiswas, S.; Durgaprasad, N.; Nevatia, J.; Venkatavaradan, V. S.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]210-215
High Energy Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations Associated with the Unusual Forbush Decrease of August 1972Radha, M. S.; Rao, U. R.; Ananth, A.G.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]206-209
Ionospheric Effects of Transient Celestial X-ray & Gamma-Ray EventsKasturirangan, K.; Rao, U. R.; Sharma, D. P.; Rastogi, R.G.; Chakravarty, C.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]203-205
Balloon Observations of X-Rays from Celestial SourcesRao, U. R.; Kasturirangan, K.; Sharma, D. P.; Jain, A. K.; Jayanthi, U.B.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]199-202
Seasonal Variation of Neutral Composition at Low & Mid Latitudes from Bottomside Electron Density ProfilesMahajan, K. K.; Saxena, O. P.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]194-198
Latitudinal Variation of H+ Flow Velocity from Alouette-2 Topside Sounder ProfilesPandey, V. K.; Mahajan, K. K.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]190-193
Perturbations of Satellite Orbits due to ϒ ( x3 + y3)Khanna, K. M.; Phillips, Pradeep K.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]187-189
Dipole Radiation in a Compressible PlasmaAgarwal, D.C.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]183-186
Radiation Field from Linear Antenna in an Infinite Anisotropic MediumAgarwal, D.C.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]177-182
Rocket Measurement of Molecular Oxygen Density in the Altitude Range 70-90 km at the Geomagnetic EquatorSomayajulu, Y. V.; Zalpuri, K. S.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]173-176
Characteristics of Night Sporadic-E at KodaikanalSastri, J. Hanumath; Murthy, B. SuryanarayanaIJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]168-172
A Method for Estimation of Eddy Diffusion from Atmospheric Electrical ParametersSingh, H. R.; Chand, D.; Prasad, M.IJRSP Vol.04(3) [September 1975]165-167
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18