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Population dynamics of sciaenid Johnius macrorhynus (Pisces/Perciformes/ Sciaenidae) from Bombay watersChakraborty, Sushant KumarIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]86-89
Study of mangrove environment of Maharashtra coast using remote sensing dataJagtap, T G; Untawale, A G; Inamdar, S NIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]90-93
Clay mineral studies in the modern Penner delta, east coast of IndiaSeetharamaiah, J; Swamy, A S RIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]69-74
Petroleum hydrocarbon concentration in selected species of fish and prawn from northwest coast of IndiaMehta, Pratik; Kadam, A N; Gajbhiye, S N; Desai, B NIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]123-125
Apparent dissociation constants of carbonic acid in estuarine water at different salinities and temperaturesGhosh, S K; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]126-128
Morphometric studies on the limpet Cellana karachiensis (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian GulfEmam, Waheed MIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]82-85
Some aspects of microbiological characteristics in the nearshore waters of BombayRamaiah, NIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]75-81
Shoaling of sergestid shrimp Acetes johni (Crustacea Decapoda: Sergestidae) associated with swarming of gammarid amphipodsGoswami, S CIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]115-116
Seasonal changes in biochemical composition of Holothuria leucospilota (Echinodermata)Sree, V Jaya; Parulekar, A H; Wahidulla, S; Kamat, S YIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]117-119
Biochemical composition and trace metals content of pulmonate snails Cassidula nucleus and Melampus ceylonicusDious, S R J; Kasinathan, RIJMS Vol.23(2) [June 1994]120-122