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Flood inundation modelling using coupled 1 D and 2 D Hydro-Dynamic modellingPatra, Jagdish Prasad; Kumar, Rakesh; Mani, Pankaj; Sapra, Tilak RajBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]16-25
Analytical hierarchy process for sustainability assessment of public transport system in the context of indian trafficKumar, Ravindra; Kumar, SatishBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]26-33
Effect of fly and pond ash on the maize and coconut cropTripathi, R C; Jha, S KBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]7-15
Study of Adsorption by fly ash for removing of Commercial phenylSharma, Himanshu; Sharma, Arun Kumar; Sen, Ram Shanker; Sharma, Rashmi; Prasad, D S NBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]34-36
Actuation studies on polyacrylic rubber based dielectric elastomer transducersGautam, S S; Das, Vishal; Toppo, S K; Singh, Abhishek; Kumar, V; Pandey, A KBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]43-46
Evaluation of cutback asphalt based pothole repair methodGola, K K; Kar, Siksha Swaroopa; Shukla, Manoj; Nagabhushana, M NBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]37-42
Use of information and communication technology (ICT) for rural housingDahiya, Abhishek; Kumar, JyotiBVAAP Vol.26(1) [June 2018]47-53
Quantification of water footprint of National Capital Territory (NCT) of DelhiChalisgaonkar, Deepa; Jain, Sharad K; Nema, M K; Mishra, P KBVAAP Vol.26(2) [December 2018]106-114
Intellectual property rights and status of protection in Uttar Pradesh : an analysisSingh, Balram; Rana, ShashiBVAAP Vol.26(2) [December 2018]115-118
Functional level data acquisition requirement specification formulation for embedded systems: challenges, experiences and guidelinesPatel, Ambalal V.BVAAP Vol.26(2) [December 2018]94-105