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Integrated Microbial and γ-radiolytic process for Desulphurisation of High Sulphur Coals: Proof of the Concept and A case study on Polish & Indian CoalsTripathi, Prem S M; Tripathi, Nimisha; Mishra, Kamlesh K; Sakhare, Vandana; Sukla, L B; Acharya, CelinBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]27-33
Effect of Culture and Environment on the Production of Heat Stable Glucoamylase by Mutated Aspergillus species UV-1 through Solid State FermentationGupta, J K; Gupta, Menu; Kanupriya; Soni, S KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]37-43
Connection, Plan and Policy of Rural Roads in IndiaJAIN, NEELAM; JAIN, PRADYUMNA KUMAR; KANKDURAI, B; NANDA, PRAMOD KUMARBVAAP Vol.11(2) [December 2003]149-155
Detergent EnzymesTiwari, SudhaBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]86-88
Updated Status of the Development of Bio SensorsKhanna, Vinod Kumar; Ahmad, ShameemBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]67-70
Hindi Translation in Science WritingMishra, Ishwar ChandBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]108-110
Study on the Effect of Temperature, Humidity, and Light on the Food Efficiency of the larvae of Silk Worm (Bombax mori)MISHRA, A BBVAAP Vol.11(2) [December 2003]160-164
Importance of Agriculture in Pollution Control in Distillery IndustryJoshi, Hem ChandraBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]89-91
Effect of Tannery Effluent on Rat Gut MicrofloraUPRETI, RAJ K; KANNAN, ABVAAP Vol.11(2) [December 2003]131-135
Inhibition of Urea-N with the Seeds of Naturally Occurring Plants:A Green House StudySHARMA, J P; SINGH, TEEKAM; KUMAR, BIRENDRABVAAP Vol.11(2) [December 2003]165-167