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Influence of Gibberellic Acid (GA-3) on Growth and Flowering in Chryanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium, Ramat) cv. Jayanti Gupta, V. N.; Datta, S. K.; Banerji, B. K.BVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]77-79
A Study on the Effect of Gamma Radiations on Dahlia Cultivar NBRI 'Pinki'Diwedi, A. K.; Dutta, S. K.BVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]80-83
Fire Retardant Treatment Technology of Timber: Essential Vacuum and Air Pressure for Optimum Chemical AbsorptionTyagi, N. S.; Chand, Mahesh; Singh, SahebBVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]66-72
Development of High Power Coupled-Cavity Travelling Wave tube (CC-TWT)Raju, R. S.; Sharma, S. K.; Srivastava, V.; Sharma, A.K.; Gupta, S. S.; Joshi, L. M.; Rao, R.R.; Singh, Virendra; Sain, G. R.; Faruki, H.; Manasi; Joshi, S. N.BVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]95-98
Diversity of Scendesmus species in Tola Lake of Mahoba (UP) Diwedi, Sanjay; Toppo, Kiran; Sushila, M. R.BVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]92-94
Piriformospora Indica - An Unique Plant Growth Promoting FungusSingh, Archana; Verma, A.; Tiwari, S. K.; Johri, J. K.BVAAP Vol.09(2) [December 2001]84-88
Cyanobacterial Toxins: Toxicity and Ecological Effects - A StudySingh, Dhananjaya Pratap; Kumar, Ashok; Tyagi, MadhubalaBVAAP Vol.09(1) [June 2001]11-16
Orchid Cultivation in Himachal Pradesh-Problems and PossibilitiesSharma, Madhu; Sood, Anil; Ahuja, P.S.BVAAP Vol.09(1) [June 2001]17-20
Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement (ICBP)-A New Technology for Sepcial ApplicationsMuraleedharan, T.; Kumar, PrashantBVAAP Vol.09(1) [June 2001]21-26
Ethylene and Flower Senescence- A ReviewPandey, Subedar; Nagar, Pramod KumarBVAAP Vol.09(1) [June 2001]27-34