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Water requirement and management for agricultural cropsSinghal, Yogesh KumarBVAAP Vol.22(2) [December 2014]136-139
Constitutional provisions and international & interstate water disputes in IndiaAggarwal, P K; Jain, S KBVAAP Vol.22(2) [December 2014]102-106
Hazards of rising nitrate and fluoride in ground water and their managementOzha, D D; Bhatt, H RBVAAP Vol.22(2) [December 2014]94-101
Interactive effects of elevated CO2 and phosphorus nutrition on growth and phosphorus utilization efficiency in wheat and rye Pandey, Renu; Dubey, Krishna Kant; Singh, Renu; Lekshmy, S; Kumar, Arun; Jain, VanitaBVAAP Vol.23(2) [December 2015]93-100
Water in deserts and public participationSingh, Yatveer; Rathore, D SBVAAP Vol.22(2) [December 2014]114-119
Induction of root nodules using synthetic auxin 2, 4-D and inoculation with Azospirillum enhances growth and yield parameters in maize Lekshmy, S; Jain, Vanita; Pandey, RenuBVAAP Vol.23(2) [December 2015]101-104
Health status of communities living around Jharia coalfield areaMasto, R E; Rout, T K; Srivastava, N K; Ram, L CBVAAP Vol.23(2) [December 2015]87-92
Comparison of flood for various return periods estimated using L-moments & other conventional techniquesKumar, Rakesh; Sapra, Tilak Raj; Mani, Pankaj; Patra, Jagdish; Arora, MBVAAP Vol.20(1) [June 2012]106-110
Influence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi with different fertilizers on Eleucine coracana G. plantsNeeraj; Singh, KavitaBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]18-26
Clinical trial of Basti in AmavataPandey, Kamlesh Kumar; Shital, Antapurkar; Yadaiah, PBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]98-102