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Carbon sequestration through plant reclamation in mined-out land : A Case StudySingh, Raj Shekhar; Tripathi, NimishaBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]85-88
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant potential of the stem bark of Amra (Spondias mangifera Willd.)Sachan, Nikhil K; Arif, Muhammad; Zaman, M K; Kumar, YatindraBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]211-218
Environmental protection, road safety issues and related provisions during transportation of hazardous materials by road in IndiaSharma, Niraj; Kaur, Pushpinder; Dhyani, Rajni; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]15-30
Effect of vehicle generated dust particles on the normal plantsKulshreshta, KamlaBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]48-52
Structural and dielectric studies of [PVA –LiAc] : TiO2 polymer nano-composite systemTripathi, Mridula; Trivedi, Shivangi; Upadhyay, Rubi; Pandey, N D; Pandey, KBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]70-74
To study the electrical characteristics of LEDs based on a single organic layerSharma, Jitendra Kumar; Tiwari, Sanjay; Jogi, Vivek Kant; Avasthy, Rajesh; Dewangan, NileshBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]158-160
Long period fibre grating and its application in the form of glucose sensorialTewari, UmeshBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]92-93
Protoplast formation and regeneration of Acetobacter pasteurianum NCIM 2314Singhvi, Mamta; Joshi, Dipti; Gokhale, D VBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]94-96
Cure of diarrhoea by traditional medicinal knowledgeAgnihotri, Nikhil; Bhatnagar, SantoshBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]129-133
Bio control of Rhizoctonia solani Root-Rot by AM fungi and Pseudomonas fluorescensNeeraj; Singh, KanchanBVAAP Vol.19(2) [December 2011]134-138