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Electrolytic Method based Seed Certification of Brassica Species in the LaboratoryKumari, Preetesh; Rathore, R K SBVAAP Vol.14(1) [June 2006]58-60
Development and patenting of Gladiolus hybridsDhyani, Devendra; Mukherjee, DebashishBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]141-145
Intellectual Property: A Necessity for Common PeopleKumar, P K Ashwini; Bhatt, D PBVAAP Vol.13(2) [December 2005]213-215
Studies on the Effect of Auxin on Rooting of Cuttings of Ornamental Plants under Mist ChamberGupta, Y N; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(2) [December 2005]192-195
Role of Biological Sciences in Modern Defence SystemsSharma, RavindranathBVAAP Vol.08(1) [June 2000]9-11
Status of Acid Rain in India and Study on Rainwater Composition at Gopalpura (Agra)Satsangi, Gur Sumiran; Rani, Abha; Kumar, Ranjit; Singh, Shashi Pal; Lakhani, Anita; Kumari, K. Maharaj; Srivastava, Soami SaranBVAAP Vol.08(1) [June 2000]15-22
Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Biogeographical ScenarioSingh, S. M.; Singh, H. B.BVAAP Vol.10(2) [December 2002]131-145
Algal Biodiversity of Polluted Waters of River Gomti - A StudyDwivedi, Sanjay; Suseela, M.R.BVAAP Vol.08(1) [June 2000]12-14
Influence of Plant Regulators on the Rooting and Sprouting Performance in Stem Cuttings of Jatropha pandurifolia 'Rosea' under Mist Gupta, V. N.; Datta, S. K.; Banerjee, B. K.BVAAP Vol.08(2) [December 2000]68-71
Acoustical Studies of Binary Mixtures of 1,2 -Dichloro-benzene and 1-AlkanolsMishra, A.P.; Gautam, S.K.BVAAP Vol.08(1) [June 2000]26-29