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Some overlooked but important medicinal and aromatic plants of Western HimalayaChawla, Amit; Singh, K N; Sharma, Varun; Lal, Brij; Singh, R D; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]146-150
Application of Automation in Calibration of Multimeter using Precision CalibratorSingh, Ajeet; Sharma, Sudhir Kumar; Jaiswal, Shiv Kumar; Ojha, Vijay NarainBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]74-77
Effect of Intermittent Mist and Auxins on Rooting in Semi-hardwood Cuttings of Buddlea asiatica, LGupta, V N; Banerji, B K; Datta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]58-60
Integrated Microbial and γ-radiolytic process for Desulphurisation of High Sulphur Coals: Proof of the Concept and A case study on Polish & Indian CoalsTripathi, Prem S M; Tripathi, Nimisha; Mishra, Kamlesh K; Sakhare, Vandana; Sukla, L B; Acharya, CelinBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]27-33
Characterization of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films by Infrared and EPR SpectroscopyArora, Manju; Gupta, S KBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]86-90
Effet of filler on ionic conductivity of electrolytes of low and high Tg polymer Agarwal, S L; Awadhiya, A; Patel, S K; Patel, R BBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]192-197
Hybridization in Fragrant Roses for quality improvementDhyani, D; Karthigeyan, S; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]151-155
A Study of Ecology, Diversity and Ethnobotany of the Species of the Pteridophytic Group of Sonebhadra District of Uttar PradeshKhare, Prem Behari; Bajpai, ManjariBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]38-42
Cultivation of Large Cardamom in Himachal PradeshSood, R K; Singh, R D; Ahuja, P SBVAAP Vol.14(2) [December 2006]156-160
Effects of Different Levels of Cr concentration on the Growth Behaviour of Selected Chromate - Resistant Bacterial StrainsShukla, O P; Rai, U NBVAAP Vol.13(1) [June 2005]43-48