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Model Electron Density Distributions for Ionosphere over DelhiSaha, A K; Gupta, (Mrs.) Kamlesh; Mitra, A PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]171-178
Interplanetary Magnetic Field Sector Structure & Its Effect on Cosmic Ray Diurnal VariationNigam, S K; Singh, R L; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]200-204
Solar Activity Effects on Cosmic Ray Intensity & Geomagnetic Field VariationShukla, A K; Shukla, J P; Sharma, S M; Singh, R L; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]179-181
Radio Meteor Rates Observed with Meteor Wind Radar during Non-shower PeriodDevara, P C S; Ahmed, Md. Iqhbal; Rao, M Srirama; Rao, B RamachandraIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]192-194
Stability of Standard Transmissions Propagated through Transionospheric PathsSen, A K; Serra, J S; Treran, S K; Sara, S KIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]195-199
Propagation of TM Modes in a Parallel Plane Waveguide Filled with Moving Collisional PlasmaPhalswal, D R; Varma, N LIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]182-185
Prediction of Atmospheric Radio Noise Field Strengths for the Indian SubcontinentGhosh, B B; Saksena, R CIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]205-209
Effect of Electric Field on the Drift of Charged Particles in Mead & Mead-Williams Geomagnetic FieldsRenuka, GIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]186-191
Average Anisotropy Characteristics of High Energy Cosmic Ray Particles Approaching Solar MinimumSharma, R M; Nigam, S K; Singh, R L; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]210-214
A Measurement of Ionospheric Irregularity from Radio Star ScintillationsLokanadham, B; Ray, Shubhra; Bhonsle, R VIJRSP Vol.07(4) [August 1978]216-218