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Metre-wavelength VLBI Experiment at OotyAnanthakrishnan, S; Kulkarni, V K; Narayana, D L; Sankararaman, M R; Selvanayagam, A J; Singal, M A; Subramanian, N; Venkatanagarathnam, N; Banerjee, P; Sengupta, A; Ponsonby, J E B; Porcas, R WIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]17-20
Quiet & Stormtime Production & Loss Rates: Smith's TechniqueChauhan, N S; Gurm, H SIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]13-16
Recording & Analysis Instrumentation for Low Latitude Pc3 Geomagnetic Pulsations in South-East AustraliaAnsari, I A; Fraser, B J; McNabb, P WIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]1-6
Radioclimatology over Southern IndiaNarayanarao, D; Murthy, M J Kesava; Sarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]7-12
Annual & Semi-annual Periodicities in IEC at Low LatitudesBhuyan, P K; Tyagi, T RIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]61-67
Microwave Propagation Characteristics over Hilly TerrainRao, D Narayana; Murthy, M J Kesava; Sarkar, S K; Dutia, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]83-87
Day-to-day Variability in f0F2 at Low Latitudes over a Solar CycleAggarwal, SIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]73-76
Anomalous Behaviour of Electric Field in the Neighbourhood of Totality of Solar EclipseManohar, G K; Kandalgaonkar, S S; Murty, Bh V RamanaIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]80-81
A Comparative Study of Two New Types of Microstrip Slot Antenna in Plasma MediumBhatnagar, Deepak; Gupta, R KIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]88-91
VHF Transhorizon Propagation Studies at WarangalReddy, L R G; Rao, V V; Rao, J R; Sarkar, S K; Dulta, H NIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]92-95