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Cosmic Ray Density Gradient & Its Dependence on the North-South Asymmetry in Solar ActivityBadruddin; Yadav, R S; Yadav, N RIJRSP Vol.14(6) [December 1985]151-156
Geomagnetic Storm Effects in Ionospheric TEC at an Equatorial Station: Contribution of E x B Drifts & Meridional Neutral WindsDabas, R S; Jain, A RIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]100-106
Relationship between Short-term Variations in Electron Content & f0F2 over the Indian ZoneLakshmi, D R; Dabas, R S; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]117-121
Simultaneous Study of Sea Breeze with Two Monostatic Acoustic SoundersKumar, A Raghu; Rao, M Purnachandra; Murthy, J S R; Rao, A S Mohana; Rao, C PoornachandraIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]136-142
Seasonal Variations in the Intensity of Sq Current System & Its Focus Latitude over the Indian RegionPatil, Asha; Arora, B R; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]131-135
Radiation from Circular Microstrip Antenna in an Ionized MediumBhatnagar, Deepak; Gupta, R KIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]113-116
Response of Horizontal Magnetic Field Variation to Partial Counter ElectrojetRao, M Mukunda; Sethuraman, R; Alamelu, VIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]111-112
Effect of Corona on Ground Electric Field Beneath a ThundercloudSingh, Pratap; Verma, T S; Varshneya, N CIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]126-130
On Sampling Criteria Followed in Drift AnalysisSardesai, D V; Rai, R KIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]107-110
Effect of Ground Conductivity on VLF Radiation from LightningPathak, P P; Hazarika, SIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]122-125