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Design & Fabrication of Electric Field Sensors for the Measurement of Lightning ParametersKumar, P Pradeep; Rai, JIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]68-72
Irregularity Heights Near the High-latitude Scintillation BoundaryChandra, H; Kersley, LIJRSP Vol.14(4) [August 1985]96-99
Effects of Total Solar Eclipse on F-layerChauhan, N SIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]77-79
A Statistical Study of Low Latitude Pc3 Geomagnetic PulsationsAnsari, I A; Fraser, B JIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]42-49
Stratospheric/Mesospheric Warmings over Tropics during Winter & Their Implications for Warming Campaign of 1983-84Mukherjee, B K; Indira, K; Reddy, R S; Murty, Bh V RamanaIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]34-37
Complex Dielectric Constant of Sand & Dust Particles at 11 GHz as a Function of Moisture ContentAl-Hafid, Hafid Taha; Vishvakarma, B R; Al-Rizzo, Hussain MudheferIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]21-24
Plasma -Parameter & Whistler Instability in the Earth’s MagnetosphereRenuka, GIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]38-41
Influence of Solar Wind Streams on Non-Io Related Decametric Emission of JupiterBose, S K; Mitra, B; Ganguly, S R; Sastri, R CIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]50-54
Annual & Semi-annual Components in the Geomagnetic Solar & Lunar Daily Variations at AlibagRao, D R K; Arora, B R; Sastri, N SIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]31-33
Lunar Influence on TEC of the Ionosphere at WaltairNiranjan, K; Rao, P V S RamaIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]25-27