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Wood-boring organisms from Valapattanam backwaters, south west coast of IndiaNair, N BalakrishnanIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]170-172
Occurrence of phytoplankton bloom and its effect on coastal water qualitySatpathy, K K; Nair, K V KIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]145-147
Fungal diversity on decomposing biomass of mangrove plant Rhizophora in Pichavaram estuary, east coast of IndiaRavikumar, D R; Vittal, B P RIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]142-144
Meiobenthos of mangrove mudflats from shallow region of Thane creek, central west coast of IndiaGoldin, Quadros; Mishra, Vidya; Ullal, Vidya; Athalye, R P; Gokhale, K SIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]137-141
Assessment of turbidity of seawater using remote sensing dataBehera, Bijay K; Tripathy, G K; Inamdar, Arun B; Asolekar, Shyam RIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]103-108
Studies on organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous in the sediments of Mandovi estuary, GoaNasnolkar, Chanda M; Shirodkar, P V; Singbal, S Y SIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]120-124
Environmental changes associated with monsoon induced upwelling, off central west coast of IndiaDe Sousa, S N; Sawkar, K; Rao, P V S S Durga PrasadaIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]115-119
Field notes on a fouling serpulid Hydroides elegans Haswell (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) present in confined waters of BombayUdhayakumar, M; Karande, A AIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]133-136
Copepods of Bahuda estuary (Orissa), east coast of IndiaMishra, Sujata; Panigrahy, R CIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]98-102
Factor analysis of Visakhapatnam shelf sediments, east coast of IndiaPanigrahy, P K; Sahu, S D; Satyanarayana, DIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]154-156