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Experimental investigation of flank wear and surface roughness during hard turning of AISI H11 steel with CBN toolsRathod, K B; Lalwani, D IIJEMS Vol.24(3) [June 2017]171-181
Temperature dependent dielectric behaviour and structural dynamics of PEO-PMMA blend based plasticized nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyteChoudhary, Shobhna; Dhatarwal, Priyanka; Sengwa, R JIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]123-132
Properties of concrete containing waste foundry sand for partial replacement of fine aggregate in concreteNithya, M; Priya, A K; Muthukumaran, R; Arunvivek, G KIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]162-166
Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of RHA and B4C reinforced aluminium alloy hybrid metal matrix compositeDwivedi, Shashi Prakash; Srivastava, Alok; Kumar, Ajay; Nandan, BrijIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]133-140
Effect of minor Zr addition on γ′ and η phase precipitation and tensile properties of A286 superalloySeifollahi, Masoumeh; Razavi, Seyed Hossein; Kheirandish, Shahram; Abbasi, Seyed MahdiIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]147-152
Use of basalt fiber reinforced polymer bars in the development of hybrid beam – investigations on the flexural responseGopinath, Smitha; Nachiappan, P; Murthy, A Ramachandra; Iyer, Nagesh RIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]153-161
Examination of the effects of burnishing apparatus on surface roughness and hardness in burnishing processBasak, Hudayim; Sonmez, FikretIJEMS Vol.24(2) [April 2017]115-122
A novel approach to use internally cooled cutting tools in dry metal cuttingIsik, Yahya; Kus, Abdil; Coşkun, Salih; Özdemir, Kadir; Cakir, M CemalIJEMS Vol.24(3) [June 2017]239-246
Optimized plastic injection molding process and minimized the warpage and volume shrinkage by response surface methodology with genetic algorithm and firefly algorithm techniquesSudsawat, Supattarachai; Sriseubsai, WipooIJEMS Vol.24(3) [June 2017]228-238
Effect of welding parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy AA6082-T6 friction stir spot weldsAydin, H; Tuncel, O; Umur, Y; Tutar, M; Bayram, AIJEMS Vol.24(3) [June 2017]215-227