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Role of zinc oxide in V2O5-K2SO4-ZnO-SiO2 catalyst in vapour phase oxidation of toluene to benzaldehydeChatterjee, S K; Das, A; Ray, Subodh KIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]236-240
Characterization of coal flyash by ETIR, XRD and SEMSingh, Binay K; Rawat, Narendra SIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]241-244
Spectroscopic studies on triply ionised Sm in fluorophosphate glassesSharma, Brajesh; Rai, S B; Rai, D K; Buddhudu, SIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]297-302
Suraface acidity/basicity of yttria and its mixed oxides with alumina catalystsSugunan, S; Rani, G Devika; Unnikrishnan, P AIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]245-246
Interference effects on the pressure distribution on the ground plane around a low-rise and a tall body in tandem arrangementGowda, B H LakshmanaIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]247-256
Steady state characteristics of finite porous oil journal bearings of arbitrary wall thicknessChattopadhyay, A KIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]257-260
Turbidity predictions from suspension's concentrations and characteristicsBhargava, D S; Rajagopal, K; Marlam, D WIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]217-220
Pressure drop behaviour for high liquid-gas ratios in packed columnJaole, D G; Ghugare, G S; Murthy, T S NIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]221-223
Effect of pellet pressing temperature on transport properties of amorphous CuO-Bi2O3 pelletsMotke, S G; Burghate, D K; Gawande, W J; Pakade, S V; Yawale, S PIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]231-235
A mathematical model for coal combustion in a tluidised bed combustor: Particle size distribution effectsReddy, G V; Prasad, S; Mohapatra, S KIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]224-230