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Flow investigations in open and swirl combustion chambers of Ie engines-A comparisonSubramamyam, S; Ganesan, V; Rao, P SrinivasaIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]26-34
Simulation of exhaust and intake processes in a four-stroke direct-injection diesel engine by control volume approachReddy, P Ram; Krishna, D Mohan; Malian, K R Govinda; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.01(4) [August 1994]189-194
Effect of cohesion on pneumatic conveying characteristics of powdersDesai, M K; Lean, A G McIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]1-10
18-Bit binary inductive voltage divider for self balancing a.c. bridge applicationsMurthy, C Nagaraja; Nataraj, V; Ramgopal, S; Lele, M VIJEMS Vol.01(5) [October 1994]297-298
A novel method of stress analysis of an infinite plate with rounded corners of a rectangular hole under uniform edge loadingUkadgaonker, Vijay G; Awasare, Pradeep JIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]17-25
Effect of vane passage modification on performance and cavitation characteristics of a centrifugal pumpTharakan, T John; Kumaraswamy, SIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]11-16
River BOD prediction under non-point discharge conditionsBhargava, Devendra SwaroopIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]35-40
Creep life estimation of 2.25Cr-lMo steel weld-joints by a parametric methodAhila, S; Iyer, S Ramakrishna; Radhakrishnan, V MIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]48-52
High strength Cu-Ni-Cr alloys by thermomechanical treatmentBhat, R Raghavendra; Raoand, P Prasad; Kamath, S LIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]41-47
Characteristics of a self averaging Pitot type probeSingh, S N; Seshadri, V; Agrawal, A KIJEMS Vol.01(3) [June 1994]153-157