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Effect of uniaxial cyclic compression on the mechanical behavior of rocksSingh, T N; Ray, S K; Singh, D PIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]118-120
Non-linear instability of capillary-gravity waves in the presence of an air streamChhabra, R K; Khosla, H KIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]111-117
Software reliability modeling and decision making: An approach*Goyal, RajeshIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]21-27
Transport properties of amorphous CuO-Bi2O3 semiconducting pelletsGawande, W J; Pakade, S V; Yawale, S P; Burghate, D K; Motke, S GIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]33-37
Numerical analysis of vibration of Indian drums via computerUkadgaonker, Vijay G; Tiwari, ManojIJEMS Vol.01(3) [June 1994]121-126
Mean flow fields in a confined isothermal flow downstream of an afterburner flame stabilizerRavichandran, M; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.01(6) [December 1994]309-319
Semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on liquid natural rubberPillai, V Bhoothalingam; Francis, D JosephIJEMS Vol.01(6) [December 1994]355-358
Computation of aerodynamic load and coefficient for satellite launch vehicleMehta, R C; Sastry, M SIJEMS Vol.04(2) [April 1997]41-48
Study of surfaces and accuracies produced during EDM of high carbon high chromium die steel with rotating electrodeSoni, J S; Chakraverti, GIJEMS Vol.01(3) [June 1994]127-134
Migration of solid particles in the heterogeneous slurry flow through a 90° bendGupta, Rajat; Singh, S N; Seshadri, VIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]10-20