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A new technique for magnetite particle size reduction-Relevance to magnetic fluid preparationPant, R P; Rao, N N; Mehta, R V; Suri, D KIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]485-487
Prediction of concentration and size distribution of solids in a slurry pipelineSeshadri, V; Singh, S N; Ahmed, MukhtarIJEMS Vol.04(1) [February 1997]1-9
Phosphorylated CNSL prepolymer as a foundry sand core binderBiswas, P K; Balagopal, N.; Pillai, C K SIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]99-106
Experimental studies on automatic sprinkler systemGupta, A K; Gupta, S BIJEMS Vol.01(2) [April 1994]93-98
Asymptotic behaviour of heat and mass transfer along a vertical plateSingh, B BIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]488-489
Spectroscopic studies on triply ionised Sm in fluorophosphate glassesSharma, Brajesh; Rai, S B; Rai, D K; Buddhudu, SIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]297-302
Sintering and fracture toughness of alumina-zirconia compositesBiswas, N C; Chaudhuri, S PIJEMS Vol.05(5) [October 1998]307-311
Suraface acidity/basicity of yttria and its mixed oxides with alumina catalystsSugunan, S; Rani, G Devika; Unnikrishnan, P AIJEMS Vol.02(5) [October 1995]245-246
Dynamic viscoelasticity of red mud filled polypropylene/low density polyethylene blendHashmi, S A R; Chand, N; Kitano, TIJEMS Vol.05(5) [October 1998]312-318
Interference effects on the pressure distribution on the ground plane around a low-rise and a tall body in tandem arrangementGowda, B H LakshmanaIJEMS Vol.02(6) [December 1995]247-256