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Evaluation of K-type butt welds using fracture mechanics techniquesBarui, K L; Bhattacharya, BIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]57-59
Preparation of lime-rich sinter from waste limestone chips for steel makingPandey, O P; Gupta, R CIJEMS Vol.01(6) [December 1994]350-354
An automatic set up for solid density standardSharma, D C; Saxena, T K; Sinha, SIJEMS Vol.04(3) [June 1997]102-105
Applications of magnetic fluid to production engineering-Roughness control with magnetic fluid grinding and magnetic fluid texturingUmehara, NIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]469-476
Magnetohydrodynamics of viscous non-Newtonian fluidsDesai, Megha I; Timol, M GIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]457-464
Effect of wedge shape and pressure tap locations on the characteristics of a wedge flowmeterSeshadri, V; Singh, S N; Bhargava, SIJEMS Vol.01(5) [October 1994]261-266
Post-critical behaviour of a cantilever column subjected to combined tip-concentrated and uniformly distributed follower forceRao, B Nageswara; Rao, G VenkateswaraIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]53-56
Oscillatory convection in a Viscoelastic-Boussinesq-Ferromagnetic fluidSiddheshwar, Pradeep GIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]453-456
Finite element treatment of imbibition phenomenon involving magnetic fluidPradhan, V H; Verma, A PIJEMS Vol.05(6) [December 1998]465-468
Use of minimized light mode patterns in shadow-casting system for optical parallel logic operations in the enhanced edge of imageRoy, J N; Mukhopadhyay, SIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]60-62