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Growth and characterization of tetravalent doped LiCoO2 thin film cathodesRao, M C; Hussain, O MIJEMS Vol.16(5) [October 2009]335-340
Properties of Al2O3 and NiAlSi coatings obtained by atmospheric plasma spraying on 34CrNiMo6 substrateAvram, Petru; Imbrea, Marius Stelian; Istrate, Bogdan; Strugaru, Sorin Iacob; Benchea, Marcelin; Munteanu, CorneliuIJEMS Vol.21(3) [June 2014]315-321
Nano-size copper oxide encapsulated urea – formaldehyde resin film for arsenic (III) removal from aqueous solutionsRastogi, R P; Singh, N B; Shukla, S KIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]390-392
LiSIPA doped polyaniline-colloidal graphite composites : Synthesis and characterizatioSaini, Parveen; Choudhary, Veena; Dhawan, S KIJEMS Vol.14(6) [December 2007]436-442
Thermal, spectroscopic and electrical transport properties of processable poly(aniline-co-alkylaniline) copolymersSaini, Parveen; Bhandari, Hema; Choudhary, Veena; Dhawan, S KIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]497-504
Synthesis of bismuth titanate (Bi₄Ti₃O₁₂) powders via calcination of microwave-hydrothermally (MH) derived precursorKhollam, Y B; Deshpande, S B; Samuel, V; Potdar, H SIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]51-54
Characterization, dielectric and optical studies of nano-cerium phospho iodate synthesized by chemical co-precipitation methodIndulal, C R; Vaidyan, A V; Kumar, G Sajeev; Raveendran, RIJEMS Vol.17(4) [August 2010]299-304
Characterization of fly ash and it effects on the compressive strength properties of Portland cementÇelik, Özlem; Damcı, Erdem; Pişkin, SabriyeIJEMS Vol.15(5) [October 2008]433-440
Opto-electric properties of Ti doping GZO thin film by different annealing temperaturesChen, Tao-Hsing; Liao, Tzu-YuIJEMS Vol.20(3) [June 2013]205-208
Morphological and tribological aspects of some ZrO2 coatings on Mg-Ca biodegradable alloysBogdan, Istrate; Corneliu, Munteanu; Carmen-Iulia, Crimu; Iacob, Strugaru Sorin; Marcelin, Benchea; Kamel, EararIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]418-424