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Performance of self-compacting geopolymer concrete containing different mineral admixturesUshaa, T G; Anuradha, R; Venkatasubramani, G SIJEMS Vol.22(4) [August 2015]473-481
Sulphuric acid resistant ecofriendly concrete from geopolymerisation of blast furnace slagRajamane, N P; Nataraja, M C; Lakshmanan, N; Dattatreya, J K; Sabitha, DIJEMS Vol.19(5) [October 2012]357-367
Abrasion resistance and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete with different dosages of fly ash/silica fumeTurk, Kazim; Karatas, MehmetIJEMS Vol.18(1) [February 2011]49-60
Use of lime cement stabilized pavement constructionKumar, M Anjan; Raju, G V R PrasadaIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]269-276
Solidification of heavy metal sludge using cement, fly ash and silica fumeChindaprasirt, Prinya; Sinsiri, Theerawat; Napia, Chuwit; Jaturapitakkul, ChaiIJEMS Vol.20(5) [October 2013]405-414
Evaluation of drilled hole quality of Al-Si alloy/fly ash composites produced by powder metallurgical techniqueJailani, H Siddhi; Rajadurai, A; Mohan, B; Sornakumar, TIJEMS Vol.22(4) [August 2015]414-420
Fly ash based lightweight aggregates incorporating clay bindersGomathi, P; Sivakumar, AIJEMS Vol.21(2) [April 2014]227-232
Effect of Class-F fly ash as partial replacement with cement and fine aggregate in mortarChristy, C Freeda; Tensing, DIJEMS Vol.17(2) [April 2010]140-144
Strength and capillary water absorption of lightweight concrete under different curing conditionsBozkurt, Nusret; Yazicioglu, SalihIJEMS Vol.17(2) [April 2010]145-151
Effect of environment on the mechanical properties of fly ash-jute-polymer compositeAcharya, S K; Mishra, P; Mishra, S CIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]483-488