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Need for development of tethered balloon facility for basic studies of Indian summer monsoonRamaIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]316-318
Structure and growth of atmospheric boundary layer as observed by a tethered balloon payloadVernekar, K G; Sadani, L K; Mohan, Brij; Saxena, Sangeeta; Debaje, S B; PiIlai, J S; Murthy, B S; Patil, M NIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]312-315
Microwave balloon measurements of the stratospheric temperatureVlasov, A A; Kadygrov, E N; Sorokin, M GIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]310-311
Height profile of vertical electric field and conductivity over HyderabadUdare, R S; Rajaram, R; Ogawa, T; Yashuhara, MIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]307-309
A simplified ion-aerosol model for balloon measurements of ion conductivity and aerosol concentrationPrasad, B S N; Srinnivas, N; Chandramma, SIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]304-306
Instrumentation for measurement of atmospheric radiationAgashe, V VIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]298-303
Electrical conductivity and electric field measurements in the stratosphere by balloon-borne probes from HyderabadGupta, S P; Acharya, Y B; Narayan, AIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]295-297
Results on aerosol measurements from balloonsJayaraman, AIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]290-294
Low noise pre-amplifier for far-infrared observationsSubhaprada, G; Khatri, KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]287-289
A CCD camera for guidance of 100-cm balloon-borne far-infrared telescopeD'Costa, S L; Ghosh, S K; Tandon, S NIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]283-286
PC-based observation control of balloon-borne telescopeDas, B; Ghosh, S KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]280-282
A flexible auto-tracking pre-programmed orientation systemShah, M R; Dedhia, D KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]276-279
An electronic processing system for cosmic X-ray event analysisDedhia, D K; Shah, M RIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]272-275
Imaging phoswich Anger cameraManchanda, R K; Sood, R KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]268-271
Design of a solar aspect sensor for daytime azimuthal orientationNystrom, G; Grindlay, J; d'Angelo, J; Licata, F; Covault, C; Gomes, J; Kuosmanen, VIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]265-267
Balloon-borne telescope system for hard X-ray astronomyNaranan, SIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]259-264
Hard X-ray astronomy using high sensitivity balloon-borne telescopeManchanda, R KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]252-258
A light-weight stabilized balloon payload for X-ray observationsNystrom, GIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]249-251
Far-infrared astronomy at TIFRGhosh, S KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]241-248
Hard X-ray astronomy with balloonsAgrawal, P CIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]232-240
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35