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Robotic approach to textile preforming for compositesPotluri, P; Sharif, T; Jetavat, DIJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]333-338
Cloth roll doffing machine for Indian powerloom industryGuha, Anirban; Ramakrishnan, N; Talukdar, M K; Sharma, PrateekIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]97-100
Use of jute needle-punched nonwoven fabric as reinforcement in compositeSengupta, Surajit; Chattopadhyay, Sambhu Nath; Samajpati, Soma; Day, AbhindraIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]37-44
Study on cotton ring and OE rotor yarn characteristics: Part II – Effect of caustic and enzymatic scouring treatments on structure and recovery characteristicsTyagi, G K; Sharma, DhirendraIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]17-22
Simulation analysis of weft yarn motion in single nozzle air-jet loom to study the effective parametersNosraty, H; Jeddi, Ali A A; Mousaloo, YIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]45-51
Effluent treatment in textile wet processing —Bleaching of polyester-cotton fabricWasif, A I; Chinta, S K; Deo, H TIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]73-79
Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of adsorption of berberine on silkKe, Gui-zhen; Xu, Wei-lin; Yu, Wei-dongIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]185-188
Dual antimicrobial and blood repellent finishes for cotton hospital fabricsThilagavathi, G; Kannaian, TIJFTR Vol.31(1) [March 2008]23-29
Low velocity impact behaviour of textile reinforced compositesPadaki, Naveen V; Alagirusamy, R; Deopura, B L; Sugun, B S; Fangueiro, RaulIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]189-202
Determination of yarn position on cone surface of random cone winding systemSheikhzadeh, M; Semnani, D; Eslamian, Z; Darvishzadeh, MIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]181-184