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Dynamics of the lower atmosphere through analysis of fade characteristics of microwave signalsSharma, Sanjay; Timothy, K I; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.25(4) [August 1996]187-196
Size distribution of radar echoes from convective clouds around Delhi during monsoon seasonChatterjee, R N; Ali, K; Prakash, Prem; Majumdar, S CIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]124-128
HF Doppler radar observations on the relationship between electrostatic turbulence and equatorial spread-FJoymon, D; Sebastian, Somi; Nayar, S R PrabhakaranIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]340-344
A comparative study of energy and pitch angle diffusion during cyclotron resonanceSingh, U P; Singh, D PIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]345-350
Implication of the ionosphere in low latitude micropulsationsRoy, ManashiIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]356-360
Wave-particle interactions and charged particle precipitationSingh, U P; Singh, Ashok K; Singh, D P; Singh, R P; Singh, R NIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]351-355
Hall and Pedersen conductivities in the auroral ionosphere of JupiterSinghal, R PIJRSP Vol.25(6) [December 1996]361-366
Multiple wavelength solar radiometer studies at PuneAher, G R; Agashe, V VIJRSP Vol.25(4) [August 1996]197-203
Generation of perturbation electric field suitable for triggering of equatorial spread-F by gravity waves in the E-region and zonal winds in the F-regionPrakash, SIJRSP Vol.25(4) [August 1996]211-227
Wind climatology observed over Kalpakkam using Doppler sodarRao, D Narayana; Reddy, K Krishna; Kumar, T R Vijaya; Kishore, P; Somayaji, K M; Prakash, G SIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]115-123