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Seasonal changes in suspended particulate component in Bombay High oil field (Arabian Sea)Bhat, K L; Verlencar, X N; Venkat, KIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]135-142
Trace element geochemistry of modern sediments of the Vellar river and its surrounding environmentsMohan, P. M.IJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]150-157
Wave refraction and prediction of breaker parameters along the Kerala coast, IndiaSajeev, R; Chandramohan, P; Kumar, V SanilIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]128-134
Ecology of hydromedusae from Bombay Harbour - Thana and Bassein Creek estuarine complexSanthakumari, V; Ramaiah, Neelam; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]162-168
Some aspects of Plio/Pleistocene boundary - A case history from DSDP Site 217, southern Bay of BengalSarkar, Ashish; Datta, Saugata; Guha, Asit K.IJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]158-161
Dietary administration of testosterone propionate on growth, proximate composition and residual content of pearlspot, Etroplus suratensis (Bloch) (Cichledae)Sambhu, C; Jayaprakas, VIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]173-179
Age, growth and morphometry of the limpet Cellana eucosmia (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Gulf of SuezSaad, Abd El-Halim A.IJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]169-172
Effect of alkali treatment of red algae Gracilaria blodgettii and Gracilaria verrucosa (Rhodophyta) on agar qualitySasikumar, C.; Rao, V.N.R.; Rengasamy, R.IJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]191-194
Effects of dyeing and printing industry effluent on acid and alkaline phosphatase in few vital organs of a coastal teleost, Periophthalmus dipesChhaya, Jignasa; Thaker, Jayesh; Mittal, Renu; Nuzhat, Sheeba; Mansuri, A. P.; Kundu, RahulIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]186-190
Growth response of juvenile shrimp Penaeus merguiensis (Eucarida/Crustacea) to feeds containing different protein sourcesSadhana, M; Neelakantan, BIJMS Vol.26(2) [June 1997]180-185