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Impact of 1990-'95 ENSO/WEPO event on Indian monsoon rainfallGopinathan, C KIJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]258-262
Estimates of growth, mortality, recruitment pattern and maximum sustainable yield of important fishery resources of Maharashtra coastChakraborty, Sushant K.; Deshmukh, Vinay D.; Khan, Mohammad Zafar; Vidyasagar, Kuber; Raje, Sadashiv GIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]53-56
Effect of ambient oxygen concentration on lipofuscin accumulation in a clam Sunetta scripta and a mussel Perna viridisMathew, Susan; Damodaran, RIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]57-63
Development of planktonic larvae of unidentified barnacle species from Vellar estuary (southeast coast of India)Karande, A A; Udhayakumar, M; Chavan, J BIJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]297-301
Sediment movement and depositional environment of Kwada bay beaches Uttara Kannada district, west coast of IndiaHanamgond, P T; Chavadi, V CIJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]287-291
Properties of carboxymethylcellulase (endo-1,4-beta-glucanase) from Bacillus sp. isolated from the marine sponge (Axinella sp.)Mohapatra, B. R.IJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]292-296
Grain size characteristics of beach sediments of north coastal Andhra PradeshReddy, D. Rajasekhar; Prasad, V. SivasankaraIJMS Vol.26(3) [September 1997]283-286
Effects of pollution on planktonic ciliates in Visakhapatnam harbourKalavati, C.; Raman, A. V.; Vaidehi, J.; Bharathi, V. RatnaIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]68-73
Effect of 2,6 dibromophenol; 2,4,6 tribromophenol and the extract of Ptychodera flava (Eshscholtz) [Hemichordate: Enteropneusta] on the eggs of sand crab Emerita asiatica (Milne Edwards)Sharief, S. Dawood; Azariah, JayapaulIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]79-83
Investigation of bedload transport off Karwar coast, southwest coast of IndiaYelgaonkar, V N; Pendharkar, A S; Navada, S V; Pant, H J; Mendhekar, G N; Rao, S MIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]91-94