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Title: Occurrence of trypsin-like protease in cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)
Authors: Josephrajkumar, A
Chakrabarty, Romit
Thomas, George
Keywords: Cardamom;Elettaria cardamomum Maton;Trypsin;Aprotinin.
Issue Date: Aug-2005
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: A61K38/43, C12N9/00
Abstract: Occurrence of trypsin-like protease in fresh cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton) seeds, as evidenced by the benzoyl-arg-p-nitroanilide (BApNA) hydrolyzing ability of the seed enzyme preparation under alkaline condition is reported for the first time. The enzyme has a pH and temperature optima as 8 and 45ºC, respectively. It is inhibited by aprotinin and phenylmethyl sulfonyl fluoride (PMSF) in a dose-dependent manner, suggesting the presence of serine residues at the active site. The enzyme had a Vmax of 98.01 nmoles p-nitroaniline released per min per mg protein and Km of 0.0684 mM with BApNA as substrate. Addition of aprotinin (75.75 μM) increased Km value by three-folds, whereas the Vmax was reduced by 23%.
Page(s): 243-245
ISSN: 0301-1208
Appears in Collections:IJBB Vol.42(4) [August 2005]

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