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Title: Microbial decolourization of textile dyes through isolates obtained from contaminated sites
Authors: Kaushik, Prachi
Malik, Anushree
Keywords: Azo dye;Decolourization;Shaking;Stationary
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: This study presents microbial decolourization of textile dyes through 3 bacterial isolates [CPE (bacterial isolate from Pali effluent), CPS (bacterial isolate from Pali soil) and CBE (bacterial isolate from Baddi effluent)] and a fungal isolate [FBE (fungal isolate from Baddi effluent)] obtained from effluent and effluent contaminated sites in Pali (Rajasthan, India) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh, India). Removal of Acid Sulphone Blue dye (initial conc. 100 mg/l) after 50 h was: FBE (97.67%) > CBE (82.83%) > CPS (60%) > CPE (51.8%). Isolates (CBE and FBE) that displayed good decolourization of Acid Sulphone Blue could decolourize Acid Navy Blue (75.85-100%) and Fast Red A (46.42-99.33%) well but Acid Magenta was removed with lesser efficiency (51.57-69.93%). FBE could hold a good potential for removal of toxic azo dyes from industrial effluents.
Page(s): 325-331
ISSN: 0022-4456
Appears in Collections:JSIR Vol.68(04) [April 2009]

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