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Antifouling Potentials of Mangrove Rhizophora apiculata against Vibrio alginolyticus strainVBM-01Balasubramanian, Vellaisamy; Rajaram, Rajendran; Rajesh, PandiyanIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1654-1661
Studies on Haloalkaliphilic gammaproteobacteria from hypersaline Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, IndiaCherekar, Makarand N.; Pathak, Anupama P.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1646-1653
Hydrobiology of hypersaline Sambhar salt Lake a Ramsar site, Rajasthan, IndiaPathak, Anupama P.; Cherekar, Makarand N.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1640-1645
First record of Temnopleurus toreumaticus (Leske, 1778) from Mumbai (Echinodermata; Echinoidea)Gavas, Sagar; Shirke, BhupendraIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1637-1639
Evaluation of antioxidant activities and total phenolic contents of different solvent extracts of selected marine diatomsHemalatha, A.; Parthiban, C.; Saranya, C.; Girija, K.; Anantharaman, P.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1630-1636
Study of undertow oscillations using an analytical model and some numerical simulationsValipour, A.; khaniki, A. Karami; Bidokhti, A. A.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1622-1629
Impact of Thane cyclone on the heavy metal distribution in water, sediment, plankton and fish (Mugil cephalus) in selected areas along the Tamil Nadu, Southeast coast of IndiaChinnaraja, V.; Santhanam, P.; Kumar, S. DineshIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1613-1621
Occurrence of Antarctic flying squid Todarodes filippovaeAdam, 1975 in Southern Indian OceanJeyabaskaran, R.; Prema, D.; Kripa, V.; Valsala, K.K.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1608-1612
Biodegradation and Detoxification of a Textile Azo Dye Reactive Blue 171 by Marinobacter sp. NB-8Shertate, R.S.; Thorat, P.R.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1604-1607
Growth and mortality parameters of Indian squid Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvaucelii (D'Orbigny,1835) from Pakistani waters(Arabian Sea) based on length frequency data.Soomro, Shamsheer Hyder; Qun, Liu; Kalhoro, Muhsan Ali; Memon, Khadim Hussain; Kui, Zhang; Liao, BaochaoIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1598-1603
Under water visual census of reef fishes in Tuticorin group of islands, Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern IndiaMathews, G.; Laju, R.L.; Raj, K. DiraviyaIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1585-1597
Effect of monoalgal diet on the growth, survival and egg production in Nannocalanus minor (Copepoda: Calanoida)Santhanam, P; Jothiraj, K.; Jeyaraj, N.; Jeyanthi, S.; Devi, A. Shenbaga; Ananth, S.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1579-1584
Serpentinization of peridotites in Logatchev Massif, 14.75°N Mid- Atlantic RidgeChen, Zhi-qiang; Zhou, Huai-yang; Yao, Hui-qiang; Liu, Yang; Li, Jie; Yang, Qun-huiIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1568-1578
Laboratory mesocosm studies on the response and potential effects of marine diatom Nitzschia sp. to Ocean acidificationJeyanthi, S; Santhanam, P; Devi, Shenbaga A; Balamurugan, A; Kumar, Dinesh S; Prasath, Balaji BIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1559-1567
A new record of the marine wood-borer, Spathoteredo obtusa (Sivickis) (Bivalvia:Teredinidae), from the mangroves of Andaman Archipelago, India.Marimuthu, P; Balasubramaniam, J.; Jayaraj, K.A.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1554-1558
Effect of idol immersion on water quality of Yamuna River in Delhi and its potential influence on ground water qualityNag, Sarbari; Pande, Prabhas KumarIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1545-1553
First results of culture of Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch) in open sea floating net cages in India: Effect of stocking density on survival and growthSadhu, Narsimhulu; Sharma, S.R.Krupesha; Dube, Praveen N.; Joseph, Shoji; Philipose, K.K.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1540-1544
Source and implication of fatty acids in surface sediments from the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China SeaMao, Shengyi; Zhu, Xiaowei; Sun, Yongge; Guan, Hongxiang; Wu, Daidai; Wu, NengyouIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1528-1539
Optimization of culture conditions for marine copepod Macrosetella gracilis (Dana, 1847) with emphasis on salinity and algal dietsNandakumar, R; Prasath, B. Balaji; Santhanam, P.; Ananth, S.; Jayalakshmi, T.; Kumar, S. Dinesh; Devi, A. ShenbagaIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1521-1527
Growth Inhibition Effect of Organophosphate Pesticide, Monocrotophos on Marine DiatomsKarthikeyan, P.; Mohan, D.; Jaikumar, M.IJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1516-1520
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25