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Microstructure and EDS analysis on titanium/aluminium dissimilar laser welded joint subjected to age hardeningKalaiselvan, K; Elango, A; Nagarajan, N MIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]377-382
Role of organo-modified montmorillonite nanoparticles on wet sand abrasion of carbon fabric reinforced epoxy compositesDevarajaiah, R M; Suresha, BIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]411-417
Grain refining mechanism of ZnO particles on magnesium alloysLiu, Xuan; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Hu, Wenyi; Le, Qichi; Bao, Lei; Lu, KaiKaiIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]383-388
Analytical and experimental investigation of particulate filled polymer composites with enhanced thermal conductivityBanjare, Johan; Agrawal, Alok; Sahu, Yagya Kumar; Satapathy, AlokIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]389-398
Compressive properties of syntactic aluminium foams using expanded silica gelYavuz, İbrahim; Yavuz, Ali; Başpinar, M Serhat; Bayrakçeken, HüseyinIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]431-438
Morphological and tribological aspects of some ZrO2 coatings on Mg-Ca biodegradable alloysBogdan, Istrate; Corneliu, Munteanu; Carmen-Iulia, Crimu; Iacob, Strugaru Sorin; Marcelin, Benchea; Kamel, EararIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]418-424
Parameters identification and selection in various mechatronic vibrating structuresBuchacz, Andrzej; Gałęziowski, DamianIJEMS Vol.23(6) [December 2016]425-430
New sharpening method and the behaviour of the multi-flute twist drill with curved cutting edge in machining operationsBaroiu, Nicuşor; Teodor, Virgil Gabriel; Berbinschi, Silviu; Susac, Florin; Oancea, NicolaeIJEMS Vol.23(5) [October 2016]357-369
Microstructural and mechanical properties of dissimilar aluminum alloys/Al2O3 nanocomposite joint via friction stir weldingSaeidi, Mehdi; Givi, Mohammad Kazem Besharati; Faraji, GhaderIJEMS Vol.23(2&3) [April & June 2016]152-158
Investigation of micro-structural and mechanical properties of metal matrix composite A359/B4C through electromagnetic stir castingSrivastava, Ashish K; Dixit, Amit Rai; Tiwari, SandeepIJEMS Vol.23(2&3) [April & June 2016]171-180