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Age and growth of brushtooth lizard fish Sauridaundosquamis (Richardson, 1848) occurring in Parangipettai southeast coast of IndiaKadharsha, K.; Mohanchander, P.; Lyla, P.S.; Khan, S. AjmalIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1799-1803
Implementation of radio frequency identification devices in marine science applications: challenges and limitationsPeriyasamy, M.; Dhanasekaran, R.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1792-1798
Zooplankton community distribution along offshore transects of some Indian estuaries of east coast: A taxonomic investigation during a summer cruiseBaliarsingh, S. K.; Srichandan, S.; Sahu, Biraja K.; Sahu, K. C.; Lotliker, Aneesh A.; Kumar, T. SrinivasaIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1781-1791
Comparative assessment of metal (Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd and Hg) concentrations in soft tissue and shell of Barbatia helblingii (family: Arcidae) from Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf) during winter and springAnsari, Zeinab; Rahimi, Morvarid; Bakhtiari, Alireza Riyahi; Ebrahimi, Mohammad HosseinIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1770-1780
A preliminary assessment of ecosystem process and marine litter in the beaches of MangaloreSulochanan, Bindu; Bhat, G.S.; Lavanya, S.; Dineshbabu, A.P.; Kaladharan, P.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1764-1769
Habitat classification of southern coast of Qeshm Island based on surface geology structureAnsari, Zeinab; Seyfabadi, Jafar; Owfi, Fereidoon; Rahimi, MorvaridIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1757-1763
Gonadal maturation profile and fecundity of the Johnieops sina (Cuvier, 1830) from Ratnagiri coast of IndiaKumar, Tarkeshwar; Chakraborty, S. K.; Jaiswar, A. K.; Sandhya, K. M.; Shah, Tasaduq Hussain; Panda, Debabrata; Sawant, Bhawesh T.; Sreekanth, G. B.; Akhade, Roshan R.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1746-1756
Dominance of Trichodesmium and associated biological and physico-chemical parameters in coastal water of Port Blair, South Andaman IslandSahu, Biraja Kumar; Begum, Mehmuna; Kumarasamy, P.; Vinithkumar, N. V.; Kirubagaran, R.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1739-1745
Tourist satisfaction and loyalty of the Kapas Island marine park: a structural equation model (SEM) analysisSalleh, N.H.M.; Othman, R.; Sarmidi, T.; Zakaria, K.; Talib, B.A.; Idris, S.H.MohdIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1732-1738
Assessment of temporal variation in coastal water characteristics through multivariate statistics- A case study at southwestern Bay of Bengal, IndiaMohanty, A.K.; Sahu, Gouri; Bramha, S.N.; Samantara, M.K.; Satpathy, K.K.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1718-1731
Impacts of mineral oil and synthetic lubricant on the trophic diversity of marine nematode community: Results from Microcosm ExperimentsLouati, Hela; Sellami, Badreddine; Hannachi, Amel; Soltani, Amel; SALEM, Fida Ben; Essid, Naceur; Aissa, Patricia; Hamouda, Beyrem; Mahmoudi, EzzeddineIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1708-1717
Tidally-modulated high frequency internal waves in Gautami-Godavari estuary, East coast of IndiaSridevi, B.; Murty, T.V.Ramana; Sadhuram, Y.; Sarma, V.V.S.S.; Murty, V.S.N.; Prasad, K.V.S.R.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1695-1707
Reproductive biology of the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis Linnaeus, 1758) in Iskenderun Bay (Northeastern Mediterranean Sea)DUYSAK, Önder; ÖZCAN, Gülnaz; ÇEK, Şehriban; TÜRELİ, CananIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1689-1694
Genetic diversity and variation of Vibrio from Korea by pulsed-field gel electrophoresisHuh, Man KhuIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1682-1688
Effects of acidification on meroplanktonic oyster larval settlement in a tropical estuaryKripa, V; Sharma, J H; Chinnadurai, S; Khambadkar, L R; Prema, D; Mohamed, K.S.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1675-1681
Impact of model resolutions on Indian ocean simulations from Global NEMO Ocean ModelMomin, I.M.; Mitra, A. K.; Mahapatra, D.K.; Gera, A.; Rajagopal, E.N.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1667-1674
Effects of solar radiation on photosynthesis and pigmentation in the red alga Pyropia yezoensis Ueda (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)-IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1659-1666
Salinity variation in the southeastern Arabian Sea: A revisitKumar, P V HareeeshIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1650-1658
Should the pre-1986 coral-cover record be used to determine system-wide long-term trends for the Great Barrier Reef?Boer, M.; Marchant, R.; Ridd, P.IJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1626-1649
Variations in spectral patterns from a single grain of zircon: A Raman spectroscopic studyShukla, Matsyendra KumarIJMS Vol.43(9) [September 2014]1623-1625
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21