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Assessment of free radical-mediated damage in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients and after treatment with radiotherapyGupta, Aashita; Bhatt, M L B; Misra, M KIJBB Vol.47(2) [April 2010]96-99
Modulation of DMBA-induced biochemical changes by organoselenium compounds in blood of ratsOzdemir, I; Selamoglu, Z; Ates, B; Gok, Y; Yilmaz, IIJBB Vol.44(4) [August 2007]257-259
Advanced glycosylated end products-mediated activation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in diabetes mellitus and associated oxidative stressGupta, Anjali; Tripathi, A K; Tripathi, R L; Madhu, S V; Banerjee, B DIJBB Vol.44(5) [October 2007]373-378
Amelioration of alcohol-induced oxidative stress by Emblica officinalis (Amla) in ratsReddy, V Damodara; Padmavathi, P; Paramahamsa, M; Varadacharyulu, N CIJBB Vol.47(1) [February 2010]20-25
Role of bilirubin as antioxidant in neonatal jaundice and effect of ethanolic extract of sweet lime peel on experimentally induced jaundice in ratNag, N; Halder, S; Chaudhuri, R; Adhikary, S; Mazumder, SIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]73-78
Antioxidant levels in blood and seminal plasma and their impact on sperm parameters in infertile menShamsi, M B; Venkatesh, S; Kumar, R; Gupta, N P; Malhotra, N; Singh, N; Mittal, S; Arora, S; Arya, D S; Talwar, P; Sharma, R K; Dada, RIJBB Vol.47(1) [February 2010]38-43
Is Mycophenolate more than just an Immunosuppressant ? – An OverviewIyer, Abishek; Brown, LindsayIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]25-30
Protective effect of liposomal formulation of tuftsin (a naturally occurring tetrapeptide) against cyclophosphamide-induced genotoxicity and oxidative stress in miceArif, K; Ejaj, A; Maroof, A; Azmat, A K; Arun, C; Fatima, N; Gatoo, M A; Owais, MIJBB Vol.46(1) [February 2009]45-52
Evidence of free radical participation in N-glycolylneuraminic acid generation in liver of chicken treated with gallotannic acidMwangi, Danny W; Bansal, Devi DIJBB Vol. 41(1) [February 2004]20-28
Serum biochemical markers in rheumatoid arthritisPallinti, Vasanthi; Ganesan, Nalini; Anbazhagan, M; Rajasekhar, GIJBB Vol.46(4) [August 2009]342-344