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Title: Patenting Trends in Marine Bioprospecting based Pharmaceutical Sector
Authors: Demunshi, Ypsita
Chugh, Archana
Keywords: Intellectual property rights;Marine biodiversity;Patent;Pharmaceutical application
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The ‘marine world’ boasts of innumerable life forms, each with a unique characteristic, making its genetic make-up the most sought after field for marine researchers. An array of research arenas and products ranging from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals are now harnessed from marine bioresources and patented for generating high revenues. Evolving intellectual property regime provides an insight into the current research trend of this interesting and challenging field. Patents based on six commercially important marine organisms were chosen for the patent landscape study. The present study demonstrates that pharmaceuticals is the primary field of application followed by nutraceuticals. Diseases ranging from cancer to AIDS are considered curable using these marine bioresources and seaweeds, jellyfish are common dietary constituents. The study also indicates that the number of PCT filings far exceeds the number of patents filed in regional patent offices. In the study of the International Patent Classification (IPC), A61K and A23L emerged as the major codes under which patents have been filed. Another facet of the investigation analysed the present patenting scenario in India in the field of marine bioresource based pharmaceutical sector.
Page(s): 122-130
ISSN: 0971-5544
Appears in Collections:JIPR Vol.14(2) [March 2009]

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