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Drape behaviour of functional knitted fabrics for sport clothingFilgueiras, Araguacy; Fangueiro, Raul; Soutinho, FilipeIJFTR Vol.34(1) [March 2009]64-68
New dyeing technique for enhancing colour strength and fastness properties of cotton fabric dyed with natural dyesMahangade, R R; Varadarajan, P V; Verma, J K; Bosco, HIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]279-282
Influence of relative density on deformation characteristics of plain weave fabricsStepanović, Jovan; Milutinović, Zoran; Petrović, Vasilije; Pavlović, MilanIJFTR Vol.34(1) [March 2009]69-75
Structural and tensile properties of ring and compact plied yarnsIshtiaque, S M; Subramani, P; Kumar, A; Das, B RIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]213-218
UV protection finishing of textiles using ZnO nanoparticlesKathirvelu, S; D’Souza, Louis; Dhurai, BhaarathiIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]267-273
Comfort properties of suiting fabricsNayak, R K; Punj, S K; Chatterjee, K N; Behera, B KIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]122-128
Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of copper core yarn knitted fabricsPerumalraj, R; Dasaradan, B SIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]149-154
Kinematic analysis of beat-up mechanism used for handmade carpet loomsTopalbekiroğlu, Mehmet; Çelik, Halil İbrahimIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]129-136
Effect of various parameters on electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of textile fabricsDas, A; Kothari, V K; Kothari, A; Kumar, AIJFTR Vol.34(2) [June 2009]144-148
Mechanical properties and fault analysis of D-slot carded compact yarnLoganathan, R; Lakshmikantha, C B; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]225-230