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Title: Investigation on the characteristics of a new high frequency three-way proportional pressure reducing valve in variable valve system of automobile engine
Authors: Liu, Jin-rong
Jin, Bo
Xie, Ying-jun
Chen, Ying
Weng, Zhen-tao
Keywords: High frequency;Proportional pressure reducing valve;Variable valve;Proportional amplifier;Simulation
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: In this study, a new high frequency three way proportional pressure-reducing valve has been developed. By reducing the turns of the coil and using a high speed current amplifier, the responding time of the proportional solenoid is reduced to less than 1 ms. The steady and dynamic analyses show that the output pressure is proportional to the coil current and the dynamic bandwidth can be increased by increasing the coil current. An experimental system is built up and results well agreed with the theoretical and simulation analyses. The bandwidth of the valve is about 130 Hz at -3dB, which can meet the demand of automobile engine with maximum speed of 3000 rpm.
Page(s): 7-13
ISSN: 0971-4588
Appears in Collections:IJEMS Vol.16(1) [February 2009]

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