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Title: Kinetic and Analytical Studies of Oxidation of Cellulose Acetate and Cotton Linters with Ammonium Hexanitratocerate (IV)
Authors: Chaudhari, U R
Rao, B Madhava
Keywords: Ammonium hexanitratocerate (IV);Cellulose acetate;Cotton linters;Kinetics;Polymeric materials
Issue Date: Dec-1987
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: The kinetics of oxidation of cellulose acetate was extensively studied to evaluate the thermodynamic parameters and the formation constant (Kf) of the intermediate complex and to work out the optimal conditions for analytical determination of cellulose content in cellulose acetate and cotton linter varieties/hybrids through an established stoichiometry. Second order rate constants obtained in these investigations were used to correlate the effects of variation of [CA], [Ce(IV)], [H+], aNO and added [Ce(III)]. The mechanism of oxidation of cellulose involved the formation of a transitory cyclic complex, followed by disproportionation of the complex. The disproportionation of the intermediate complex is the rate-determining step. The values for Kf, Δ E, - Δ H, Δ F, Δ S and log A were found to be 2.81 x 102  l mol-1, 16.11, 16.52, 3.45 kcal mol-1, -42.44 eu and 9.37 respectively. A series of analytical estimations of cellulose content in these polymeric materials were undertaken using the optimal conditions and stoichiometry of oxidation of cellulose.
Page(s): 184-187
ISSN: 0975-1025 (Online); 0971-0426 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJFTR Vol.12(4) [December 1987]

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