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Title: Testing of Solar2000 EUV flux model in 900-1350 Å wavelength range using greenline dayglow emission
Authors: Krishna, M V Sunil
Singh, Vir
Keywords: Airglow emission;Solar EUV radiation flux;Molecular oxygen photodissociation;Greenline dayglow emission;Mesospheric emission
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The contribution of photodissociation of molecular oxygen to the total volume emission rate of greenline dayglow emission at 5577 Å is modelled in the present study. The Solar EUV radiation fluxes for modelling are obtained from the Solar2000 V 2.25 model. The modelling has been done in the altitude range 92-105 km, where photodissociation and three body recombination are main contributing processes to greenline dayglow emission. The present results are discussed in the light of Wind Imaging Interferometer (WINDII) observations of greenline dayglow emission in the altitude range 92-105 km. It is found that the Solar2000 V2.25 flux model gives better agreement with the WINDII observations especially in the range 92-96 km where earlier models predicted a very low emission rate. In the mesospheric emission peak region, present results are higher than the measurements and this discrepancy may possibly be attributed to higher values of solar fluxes for those spectral lines which are main sources of production of greenline dayglow emission. The present study suggests the re-examination of Solar2000 flux model at least for those spectral lines which are the main sources of greenline dayglow emission in mesospheric emission peak region.
Page(s): 37-41
ISSN: 0367-8393
Appears in Collections:IJRSP Vol.38(1) [February 2009]

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