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Determination of Diameter of Loose Wool by Air Flow MethodChopra, S KIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]28-29
Antimony Compounds as Flame Retardants for Cotton TextilesJain, J P; Saxena, N K; Saxena, (Km) Abha; Gupta, D RIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]30-31
Effect of Weft Rewinding Tension on Fabric PropertiesSharma, I C; Bhardwaj, S K; Gupta, Narender Kumar; Sharma, AyushIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]26-27
Effect of Different Weft Twist Multipliers on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Plain-Woven Finished FabricsSharma, I C; Gupta, Narender; Mehan, Sanjiv; Kumar, Akhil; Gaur, Nand KumarIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]22-25
Assessment of Degree of Mercerization in Foam-Mercerized SampleVenkataraman, A; Soosamma, P C; Subramanian, D RIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]19-21
Defects in Tappet-Shedding Mechanism of LoomNeogi, S KIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]41-52
Effect of Processing Parameters on Incidence of Slubs in Polyester-Viscose Yarn and FabricSharma, I C; Gupta, Narender; Gupta, Dinesh; Vaid, Kallash; Goyal, Surender KumarIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]32-34
Modification of Shellac for Textile Applications: Synthesis and Evaluation of Shellac-Ethyleneglycol-Maleic Anhydride-Phthalic Anhydride Condensate as an Antistatic and Soil Release Finish for Polyester FabricMaity, N C; Kartha, K P R; Srivastava, H CIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]63-67
Effect of Loom Sophistication and Blend Composition on Fabric CharacteristicsSharma, I C; Gupta, Narender Kumar; Shinde, S C M; Kulshrestha, PradeepIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]53-55
SEM Studies on Changes in Tensile Properties and Abrasion Resistance of Sewing Threads during Chemical Processing TreatmentsPal, (Mrs) S D; Munshi, V G; Ukidve, A VIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]56-62